Top 11 Product Satisfaction Survey Questions for Questionnaire + Sample Template

11 product satisfaction survey questions for a product feedback questionnaire to be used for researching product use, satisfaction, improvements and above all, if customers are willing to recommend your product to others. Use this free sample survey and collect powerful insights from customers.

Considering your complete experience with our company, how likely would you be to recommend our product to a friend or colleague?
«Very UnlikelyVery Likely»
How satisfied are you with our product based on the following criterias:
Very Unsatisfied Unsatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied
Overall quality
Purchase experience
Installation or first use experience
Usage experience
After purchase service (warranty, repair, help desk)
How long have you used [PRODUCT]?
Less than 1 month
1 to 6 months
6 months to 1 year
1 to 2 years
2 years or more
Never used
How often do you use our product?

Once a week or more often
2 to 3 times a month
Once a month
Every 2-3 months
2-3 times a year
Once a year or less often
Do not use
Compared to products offered by our competitors, would you say that our product is:
Much better
Somewhat better
Almost the same
Somewhat worse
Much worse
Don't know or never used
Will you use or purchase our product again?
Might or might not
Probably will not
Definitely, will not
Never used
When you contacted our customer service team, were all issues resolved to your complete satisfaction?
Yes, by the company or its representatives
Yes, by me or someone outside the company
No, the problem was not resolved
No problems/No contact with customer service
Would you like to mention anything specific in your experience with our product which was not asked in the survey?
Thank you for your feedback.

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